What is Sanaripthon?

Digital Citizens for a Digital Future!

On October 23-25 2019, selected teams will participate in hacking Kyrgyzstan’s future Digital Citizenship. The SanaripThon – is a three day hackathon of ideas and technology at which teams will compete  to create unique practical solutions addressing one of three challenges of digital citizenship in Kyrgyzstan. Winners of the SanaripThon will qualify for an an investment grant of up to $20,000 USD to turn their idea into reality.

Do you want the chance to propose a team to compete?  Or are you an individual expert that would like to participate? Complete the application form now!


The SanaripThon is  sponsored by Kyrgyz organizations that care about the digital future –  and represents a unique public-private partnership. The event is organized by the Civil Initiative for Internet Policy Public Fund – with the support and sponsorship of  The State Committee for Information Technologies and Communications of the Kyrgyz Republic, The SecDev Foundation, Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan and World Bank Digital CASA project.