“Boot Camp” — is the training format used by US military personnel for intensive training camps: instead of three years, training lasted only three months. The main principle is based on a short-term period of time and intensity of training. This format is now widespread not only in the military sphere, but also, for example, In IT-sphere called IT bootcamps.

This format is also used in our project — “Digital Citizenship”, which is the second stage for the 10 winning teams of Sanaripton.

Duration of bootcamp was 10 days, during which teams worked intensively on their project with the help of their mentors in order to develop their projects to a viable condition.

At the final stage of bootcamp, teams presented their projects to the jury. According to the results of which, 9 out of 10 teams were recognized as winners: My Data, Mad Aliens-2, VLAIMI, Smart Citizen, Kloop Media, LIR, Lek-Info, Sanarip Bilim, Sanarip ID. The first 4 places were given to the following teams: Vlaimi, Mad aliens 2, Sanarip Bilim, My data. These teams will share the total investment fund of the Digital Citizenship project in the amount of 41 thousand US dollars. The remaining teams Could also get enough financial support t appeared to be possible due to the support of our partners: Soros Kyrgyzstan, the DCASA project (State Committee for Information Technologies and Communications of the Kyrgyz Republic).